Hand, foot & mouth disease: the fiery pits of toddler hell



Hey gang, Prague itself is great, but I thought it funny that this post came up in my blog feed… This is us (but not QUITE that bad as we are getting some sleep). Fevers and bitchy, needly spots are just what you need. They make an intercontinental move with twins under two really easy.

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Over the past 3 nights, I’ve mayyyyybe gotten about 7 hours of sleep in total. That’s a generous over-estimation. Want to know why? Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease. 

Evelyn was diagnosed with it yesterday, but the symptoms (misery) started a couple days ago. I thought it was just teeth. She is cutting molars, after all. But then, daycare called me to tell me she had a rash on her bum, a few spots on her chin, behind her knees, and a few on her feet. A few in her mouth, too. Which means she’s not eating anything at all, and it hurts her to nurse.  They suspected it was hand, foot and mouth since it’s been running rampant through the daycare. Sure enough, it is.

The doctor says Evelyn has a mild case. If this is mild, I don’t want to think about a serious case.

Rocking your crying baby…

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Funny things that have happened:
1) police at suwanabumi airport whisked us off and asked a million questions, and we had to tell our family’s story about 10 times. Of course, we were the first two-mummy/ binational case they had seen. Superiors were called, just for the freak show
2) we were on the same flight as, and exchanged pleasantries with, the Czech consulate staff member who had processed our Schengen application. He remembered us, as we were the first ‘case’ they’d had at the embassy in Bangkok.
3) we had almost zero immigration control because our double buggy would not fit down the corridor and we were VERY late for our connection and crying/ carrying 10 bags and two kids etc (we were prepared for an interrogation)
4) it is almost as hot as Bangkok.
5) we have seen loads of bees.

Squinty eye time


I had loads to say and no battery yesterday so here is a slightly unorthodox post. Not sure you’ll be able to stand it, but to follow are photographs of my hand written blog thoughts. No way you can do it on a phone, so wait till later perhaps; sit down comfortably, near a large screen and get a telescope.

Enjoy, and first one to the end wins a free, erm, peck on the cheek next time we meet. That’s not much motivation, I know.


Ok, so those are normal pictures. Here is something for you to read:



20140710-140702-50822623.jpg(Super squint required to read this page, in particular)











Ok, masses of love, and sorry this post was a bit different. Good different, I hope.

Packing schmacking


Ooh, well school’s out and it was pretty emotional for me.

It was not exactly a smooth run because the only kid out of 1500 who didn’t know we finished early was in my class. So everyone else was closing up their room, and I was calling a mother who didn’t pick up. Then Ivy got a bit ill (and had acquired a huge blister on her toe) and so we rushed to the hospital and had to wait an age, with her yowling the whole time.

I needed a bit of time to process it after the charming afternoon. I had some lovely messages and hugs from the parents, one of whom cried, so I know I’ll be missed. When we got back from the hospital we had to redress Ivy’s toe (she pulled the dressing off immediately, of course!), and auntie was prattling (OMG, non-stop!) so I needed to get out.

A couple or watermelon mojitos and loads of tears later, I felt a bit better. (Thank god for auntie, even if she prattles ).

However, today:

Shippers are coming. >.<

So, no relaxing yet.

But things are happening.


18 months!


I feel I must do an 18 months post although I have very little energy to write.

I thought this might amuse:

Ivy is only using her dummies when very sleepy. This is what she reckons the rest of the time.

I wanted to say how I want to put the breaks on our girls’ development and keep them little a bit longer. They amaze me. I could write loads and loads but I’ll say how they really are getting to be a handful now- they can climb up and reach everything it seems. It’s tiring, but great!

Notes about the girls:

April 26
This month Ivy has said “maew” about everything that is an animal
Olive says “buuh” for birds
Once, very clear with a telephone last Saturday (19th April) Ivy said “hello”
Yesterday (20th April) once, Olive did a runny poo, pointed to her nappy and said “poo”

May 23
Definitely talking about poo (or ‘ooh’ in Ivy’s case).
Ivy said .”Rma” and “mummy” crystal clear last Saturday (16th?) and now shouts it when she wants to get our of the bath.
Olive started to say “mama” and “boobie” (for my boobies) this week
Both have been saying baby /beebee for a long time, but without a consistent association.
Olive saying ‘shoe’ and ‘cat’

May 30th Olive said ‘gentle’ and ‘share’

Jun 3 Olive said ‘Mae’ to arty and kissed her sister goodnight, stroking her hair and saying “gentle”
Both are really into shoes.

Jun 7
Olive: Jump! ( When wanting to jump in pool)

Jun 8
Ivy when asked “where’s your sister?!” walked around my back to show that she was on my back (the last place she’d been!). So sharp!

Jun 12
Ivy: ‘Mai ow’ , ‘jump’ in pool
both: no, up (when playing) nam (for a drink)
Olive: “shhhh!” (With finger)

June 15
Olive shape sorting independently
Ivy Can hold up a finger for ‘1’
“Sky (Kai)” for anything up above them
“Up” for going up e.g. For aeroplane game.
Olive “reading”, saying “s’ok!” “Stop”

Ivy “weewee”
Removed her top by herself
Mummy,mama (mama was while looking out of window), happy, weewee
Olive: weewee

Ivy “mummy ja!” “Mummy art”
Both: nod head for yes, say “jap”to touch (Thai)
Ivy dunking herself under water in pool and using mum’s (motorbike) keys to try to unlock the door

Our move

So soon.
In talks with estate agent (realtor, I think, US ladies?) about places to rent.

Have had my suit made and my dresses are being seen up (5 years in Bangkok and I never had anything made until now). I went and chose some great dress fabric and asked a tailor – he really took the piss. I realise in hindsight that it could have been out of his comfort zone, and didn’t seem to get what I wanted. Anyway he wanted B4500 (£90+) PER DRESS. And I brought the fabric to the shop.
I went across the road to the Thai *dressmaker* (I’m super frazzled, or I would’ve thought of her before). She sketched what I wanted in minutes and said B1700 per dress. And it takes a while, and her workforce are not slaves working through the night. I know because they’re all there, working in her workshop.


Following the flight saga, we had the luggage/ shipping saga. It is suuuuuuper dull but went on for ages. We are now decided we are taking only our free baggage quota (4x23kg) on the plane, and we are shipping the rest TO PRAGUE. We think it’s way easier than 8 bags and two babies, and it doesn’t cost that much more. That is a massive relief, that decision.

I am so sleepy. What else?

AW is awesome. She hates big parties and yet she came to my end of year party where I sang a few songs and ran around though the table legs after twins in 30Degree heat.

AW was approached by my (unreadable) boss who wished us luck with the move and then told her that if we come back to Thailand she must tell me I’d be welcome to work at my current school. That was a really great thing to hear as I swear to god you have no idea what management think of you from behind their smokescreens at my work. I’m not certain about now, but I have had very satisfied parents before who wrote to him to tell him so (they told me they’d done so, he didn’t). And in a school where PR is hugely important, I suppose that could be why the school likes me. Of course, also because I’m good! (I think…?)

AW’s mum is really struggling now about our impending departure. You can see she’s getting moodier. :/

I wish we could please everyone, but this is our path. We have to make it and decide what we think is best.



Good night, and thank you for reading!

Do I have enough to go around?


I’m sort of freaking out.

I’m like icing. Imagine I’m on a cupcake. There’s loads of me, and the stuff I have to deal with is bitsized (depends on the cupcake maker, but you catchy my (sugary) drift). Great.

Only now my cake is massive. It’s like a gigantic wedding cake, with the cupcake icing all over it, not really having much of an impact anywhere, and spread really thin.


(I discovered through this analogy that un-iced wedding cakes are de rigeur. They do look pretty fantastic, so perhaps I should take that as a sign that a thinly-spread situation can still be turned around and rocked. Let’s hope so. Anyway back to reports)

(Image credit, naked cakes, Plymouth)

Jelly babies



I know, I know, enough of the reblogging already. But this is where we were at two years ago. Wowzers.

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I get a little confused about the passing of time, because as soon as you’ve hit a number of weeks, you are in the new one. If I know that I’ll hit 12 weeks on tues July 3rd, then counting back, I am 9 weeks but I’m in week 10.

So, this tues (the 9 weeks day) we had scan #3. The change is simply astounding. I read that they would have limb buds and ‘look human’ by now, but they actually do. They are so much bigger on the screen. Actually they look like jelly babies. They are both close to 2cm in length (the size for 8wks 6 days), with normal heart rates. My tummy is causing me some trouble in my work trousers, although I was a good couple of kilos lighter than I had been expecting when I was weighed.

One book on multiple pregnancies I’m…

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