TTC Timeline

-July 2011: Consultation with clinic. Agreement to use fresh sperm from known donor. This is a first for our clinic.

-August 27 2011: IUI #1. Natural. Negative

-September 23 2011: IUI cycle #2. Clomid and progesterone pessaries. 8 follicles. Bad reaction to pessaries and swapped back to oral. Crazy, patternless BBT readings.  Crazy, patternless BBT readings. Negative.

-October 2011: Break cycle. Lots of other stress and external factors to consider.

-November 19 2011: IUI cycle #3 Clomid and oral progesterone. 6 follicles.  Early mensturation. Negative.

-December 2011: Double IUI cycle #4. Clomid and second attempt at progesterone pessaries. 5 follicles (only 3 large). Perfect uniform BBT readings. Negative. Late period.

-January 2012: Break cycle. Consider IVF

-February 2012: Preparation month – clearing Clomid and Progesterone from my body.

-March 2012: IVF. 17th – egg collection. 20th – transfer. 3 embryos. 29th – bleeding.

-April 2012: 3rd – Positive, but HCG Beta only 7.51 – Chemical pregnancy. 25th – transfer #2. 3 embryos.

May 2012: 9th – Positive – HCG  Beta 1866!!! 23rd – TWINS confirmed

-December 21st 2012 – Olive (2.6kg) and Ivy (1.7kg) born at Chulalongkorn Hospital, Bangkok.

-December 29th, Ivy is allowed home from the SCBU.


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