Meet the cast

Our little gang is currently trying to get its bearings in the neverending sprawl of London. We have been recently shaken from a lovely limbo. The setting? The scrumptious Prague. The reason? The recently overhauled UK immigration rules. Our family (of which 3/4 is British) is not able to live in Thailand because we are two mums and our family is not acknowledged there. We had not been able to live in the UK because we can’t meet all their ridiculous immigration requirements (we are not alone) . Europe, however welcomed us, and provided us with the means to come home. So here we are.

And who are ‘We”?

Mummy R

Teacher; wife; mum; British; attachment (co-sleeping) parent; bio-mum; aspiring artiste (but seriously, when am I gonna have the time?!); despiser of the Tory government.

distinguishing features: crazy hair; penchant for loud babywraps

skills: jack-of-all (master of none); creative; map-reader; polyglot; writer; singer; photographer

areas for development: organisation; cooking; obsession with trading Artipoppes and Woven Wings

Mummy AW

Chef; wife; full-time mum; Thai; scatty; hot; organiser; funny; focused; passionate; introvert; attachment (co-sleeping) mummy

distinguishing features: stylish; dressed for winter; often seen cooking and preparing elaborate foodstuffs.

skills: organiser; accountant; nutritionist; chef.

areas for development: (almost none 😉 ) map-reading and orientation; maybe sometimes a teeny bit stubborn; loving wraps.


“twin 1” in that she was biggest and pulled out first when they sliced me open. Still breastfeeding to sleep.


“twin 1” in that she is the boss. She leads and O follows. LPI was less than 5lbs when she was born and in Thailand NICU they are like: “Kangaroo care, WTF?! Stay outside the room or your baby will contract something hideous from your germs!! And why on earth are you concerned that she has no feeding reflex?!” She yelled from the top of her tiny, underdeveloped lungs from the minute she came out and still loves to (although she is not tiny any more).

If you haven’t got it by now, we are lesbians, and we met in Thailand in 2009. We made babies and got married (Civil Partnership) in 2012. I was far too neurotic for all the unknowns involved in IUI, so in the end we turned to IVF. Anyway, we were blessed with twins. And they’re children already…

This blog is a work in progress- I am not sure how it should be. But I hope it is entertaining and informative.

It is primarily about:

  • being two mums
  • having two babies
  • parenting style
  • having fraternal twins
  • being in The Czech Republic (and settling here after Asia)
  • living across two (three…?) cultures
  • living with my (Thai-Chinese) mother in law (yep, living with) and coping without her
  • the convoluted plan to leave because of the UK’s crazy new visa rules.

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18 thoughts on “Meet the cast

  1. Well let me formally introduce myself. My name is Beth aka Fabulous Mommy. I am also a happily married, lesbian, twin mommy from sunny South Africa.

    I blog mostly about my twin boys and mommy stuff. I hope pop by and say hello sometime.

  2. Hi there, I’m on my iPhone and can’t see where to press ‘follow’ but I’ll go on a pc over the weekend and find you again.
    I’m 35 and from New Zealand and my wife is 33 and from the Caribbean. We live in NZ, and are currently trying for our first ‘take home’ baby after two recent miscarriages. In fact I’m in the two week wait at present!
    I’m blogging about it over at and I’d love it if you called by and follow us if you want to.

  3. Hi there,
    I’m a 35 year old New Zealander and my wife is a 33 year old from the Caribbean. We live in NZ and are currently trying for our first ‘take home’ baby after two recent miscarriages. In fact we are currently in the two week wait…
    I’m blogging about our journey over at pepibebe.wordpress and would love you to come have a read and possibly follow us too.

  4. Hi, I’m so happy to have found your blog (at first, Bangkok Baby Project). My gf and I are considering having a baby; however, when I realized that some hospitals only do infertility treatment for heterosexual couples only, I felt discouraged a little bit. Reading about your journey has definitely rekindled my spirit, and made me feel “we’re not alone in this”.

    I assume you’re probably busy with the twins arriving soon (and congrats to that!! ^_^ ). So, whenever you have time, we’d really appreciate it if you could share some info on same-sex friendly doctor/clinic, etc.

    Your blog made my day; thank you.

    1. Ah, you know it’s great to get a comment like this. Originally we started the blog to be a helpful resource, and a source of support for us. We never listed our Dr’s details as we have always felt it would be an indiscretion, but we can pass the details on privately. Really recommend him!

      1. I totally understand. I’m still wrapping my head around this blog thingy, so I don’t know whether you can see my email that I put in when I make a comment. Anyway, if you could email me at , it’d be great!! :]

  5. Hihi! Congrats to you for having two lovely and beautiful babies! Your story is such an inspirational one. So thank you for sharing! My gf and I have been wanting to start a family and have a baby. However, we are clueless as to who to turn to or where. We are from Singapore and since it is not possible to have the procedures performed in my country, we thought that Bangkok will be a good choice. It will really help if you could provide us with details on your doctor or someone who can give us more information? Thanks so much!

    1. Hello! It’s SO nice to get messages like this- you’re about the 5th couple now – and I really hope I can help. I can tell you that my clinic does not really do email or have a website, which has caused a few problems for other singaporean couples looking for treatment. But there are alternative avenues too. Can you send me an email and I will send you all the info I have; look in the menu for contact 🙂

  6. Hi! My wife and I recently moved to Chiang Mai with out 2 year old son (we are two women). We went to a fertility clinic today, hoping to do IUI with our donor sperm, and just found out about the July 28th law against inseminating same sex couples. It was very upsetting to learn this. Any info you can share would be greatly appreciated. Just reading your blog made me feel less alone 🙂 thanks! Sasha

    1. Ugh, I feel your pain. There are lots of us and the more I read, the more certain I am that it’s Not Allowed, whilst wondering to what extent it’s rigidly adhered to. I don’t know what info I have to usefully share though. Where is your donor sperm?

  7. Hi, my wife and I (two women) and our 2 yr old son just moved to Chiang Mai. We went to a fertility clinic today, hoping to do IUI with our donor sperm and found out about the new law against inseminating same-sex couples. It was very upsetting! Any info about your clinic would be greatly appreciated. Just reading your blog made me feel less along 🙂 thanks, Sasha

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