A garden story

The garden is looking like a bit of a triumph. It is still quite some way from being finished, but  it was like this:    

  and full of rubbish. Neighbours insist that no one had been seen to set foot in there in at least 10 years. 

   THose horrible things are privet bushes gone wild. Cutting them back was the first step. Now they will grow back, hopefully into a hedge boundary with next door’s plot.  

 Cutting a long story short, the turf went in last weekend and we are so delighted! So much work has gone into clearing the space and preparing the ground. We had plans to use seed, but my dad offered us turf as an advance birthday gift .  

The grass needs to settle in and we need to do a bit of work at the rear or the garden, and then work starts on our pathway with a pallet fence… Next door’s garden is still derelict and it is a bit hard to explain, but to get to our garden you have to walk through this awful bit which I would really like to clean up and /or hide.

Just to add, we didn’t hire anyone to do this- we did it ourselves, so we feel a sense of achievement and connection to our space. We still are not supposed to walk on the grass which is frustrating, but it will be worth it in the end!



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