23 weeks!

Well we are nearly at 23 weeks, WOW! Things are ok; work is ok, there is lots of kicking going on in my tummy, and we are spending lots of time being lazy together because I can feel my energy levels depleting as I drag my increasingly heavy middle around. It’s really popped out this last week. I just looked at the size charts in the ‘Rough Guide’ to pregnancy and realised the (actual size) measurements in the book are from head to bum… Meaning the legs go on even further. That’s a whole lot more baby than I had imagined!! At the last scan (21 weeks), Dr. said one of the babies is about a week ahead and one is a week behind.. So we still have one biffa and one tiddler. Anyway things are really getting underway. We went for a Sunday roast today and I overindulged- it was just so delicious. I ate two helpings and had apple crumble for pudding. Afterwards I thought I might break.

Otherwise I’ve been wracking my brains organising a file for the iron-proof application when the time comes, asking for help from friends and family in the uk. My mum, dad and uncle have been absolutely amazing. I feel extra bad for my parents though as they have waited forever for my bro to get an girlfriend… And he finally has done. But as he lives in Tanzania, guess what…?They may be faced with the same situation with both their children.

There is this petition you can sign if you are a UK citizen OR resident:


which might help things change in the meantime. There is a lot going on in the offices of immigration lawyers in the UK as a result of all the changes and several NGOs such as Migrant Rights Network and JCWI are all investigating and campaigning for change. We’ll see.
I need to do some serious, serious job hunting this time next year otherwise. It’s too terrifying to contemplate just now.

AW goes off to Singapore early tomorrow- she’s been selected to manage a team of chefs under the director executive chef across all the hotels in the COMO group. It’s a big honour- she’s working at executive chef level on this project and is very nervous- they have to make food for all the VIPs at the Singapore grand prix. The menu is HUGE. Really excited for her, but I’m going to miss her like crazy at home this week. Once she’s nailed this, there should be more in the offing. Whoop!!

Belly picture:


Love and baby dust to all! Xxx


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