24weeks :)


Here is the obligatory bump shot!

Things are looking bulgier and I am feeling a lot more pregnant this last week. I have been trying to keep my shoulders back and bum squeezed in as advised and am discovering that it directly causes a waddle. I am getting very tired (though I’m not sure if that’s due to worry or the pregnancy (probably both)) and really am finding it tiring to stand or to use the stairs. A little distressing as I know it will certainly be getting worse before it gets better!!

We are having fun feeling the babies kick in response to our voices – but I am a little concerned that most kicking is on the right. There is some on the left too- so I’ll tell the doc at our next scan on tue. It will be 25 weeks then- only 12 left till the twins are officially due in UK terms (but the Thai system seems a little different as dr says my due date is officially 40wks, or jan 11th – just to expect them early!)

Hope everyone is well. Apologies for my general lack of activity lately- I’m still reading, but busy and tired!



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