Our Mushy Love Story

Our mushy love story:

(Feel free to stop reading here)

I had been in Thailand only a few months and was not in a ‘place’ for a relationship. I had had quite a few attempts at courting levied at me since I’d arrived and I just wasn’t interested. After one pretty shitty civil partnership that had dragged on way past its sell-by date, I really wasn’t looking for another. Really.

It was almost love at first sight; this woman is unbelievably blind to her own charms. She is intelligent yet silly, humble and giving, educated and successful, and super hot.  Neither of us will ever forget the events of that first week (although we both have slightly different accounts – we both interpreted the other’s paralysing shyness as lack of interest). So, we almost didn’t get together, but AW saved the day by asking me to dinner.

We both felt that the other was pretty special, and didn’t waste any time. Although this was supposed to be my time to be selfish and gallivant about in Asia as I pleased, she turned all that on its head.  Pretty soon we were having some serious discussions about what we wanted out of a relationship. As well as all the minor things that make a match, our long term goals fitted together too – we both felt this could really go somewhere.

Our first wonderful year together was based mostly on the lovely island of Koh Chang, where AW had an amazing restaurant. It was, for me one of the best years of my life and it is still full of dreamy beach memories.

AW had been planning to sell her place for some time and an opportunity came along in 2010. That was all pretty lucky for us as it meant we never had to have a discussion about whether or not she would relocate for love – what pressure on a relationship! So, she returned to her native Bangkok and we have lived together since then.

In 2011 we started on the epic journey of trying to conceive. It took 9 months, which seemed a really, really long time. That story is over at Bangkok Baby Project, but there is a tab on this blog detailing our treatment.

We hope to ‘meet’ other lesbian mums / moms/ mamas,  gay dads or straight parents of twins,  and hope to gain and share some insight through detailing our experiences.

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