We are feeling terrible, all of us. Thickly and chestily snot-ridden for a fortnight already and suffering all associated woes. I have also pulled a chest muscle from coughing and it is really agony – definitely worse than my c-section recovery pain (I suppose coz I just have to keep on coughing and pulling said muscle?). I have definitely been shedding some sorry-for-myself tears. 

Also, the 6 month deadline of Mummy AW’s UKRC application was fast approaching. We took a bit of a risk in the way we applied, so I was quite nervous about it (that is a another post). Furthermore the EU renegotiations by Cameron and/ or the Brexit directly affect the immigration system we used to move to the uk together (EU freedom of movement), and no one knows exactly when these changes might be implemented. All a bit stressful. And snotty. And painful. And toddler-twinny. Parents’ evening was last week as well so it was just bleurgh. Also our money is running out and we have had to use the credit card this month. So many ughs.

However, like I say, when something bad happens, something will happen to balance out the misfortune and lift you up. 

Despite our sorry snotty state, it has been a good week. A parent of one of the girls I teach wrote an email to tell my boss what an unbelievable teacher I have been to their daughter, and another said the same and my boss told me. We took the year 1s and 2s on a trip to the seaside and it was a fantastic day.

Balance. The day after I pulled my muscle coughing, Mummy AW’s passport and confirmation of her 5 year uk residency turned up. Our neighbour popped round and offered to remove the unholy crap from our garden for £150 (the last guy said £350) and said he would start in the morning (he did). We cleared the garden of rubbish and lined it all up for him to collect.

And cuddles. 

 I appreciated all that stuff with a full heart!



My Kid Doesn't Poop Rainbows

12 thoughts on “Balance

  1. Sorry to hear about the chest infections but lovely to hear that at least the pupils and parents recognise that you are a wonderful teacher.. Congratulations on getting the visa despite supplying fewer details than the bureaucrats in the Home Office would like. Sometimes they just have to concede that the law is not on their side.

  2. Isn’t it good when things balance out in life. I sorry to hear about the troubles you have had, but all the more congratulations with the lovely feedback you got from your student’s parent and what sounds like a great day by the sea.

    1. Exactly. No one has it all, right? Most people as their lives go on are suffering from one form of stress or pain, and it helps to remember that when you are feeling sorry for yourself 🙂

  3. I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve had some pretty grotty (and snotty) things to deal with, but I am a firm believer in balance and karma too. I love that you have recognised the great things that have happened for you too and made the most of those! Congratulations on your recognition at work!

    Thanks for linking up with #FartGlitter x

  4. Sorry to hear about the illness – we have all been riddled with germs for so long, I have heard it called the 100 day cough. It certainly felt that way! Nice to hear some good stuff from parents at work – all too often we all are guilty of focussing on the negative. And it feels so cathartic to get rid of mess, too. I hope this has a healing effect on your lungs as well!
    x Alice

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