Needles and vials

Wow, good old timehop.

So this popped up today. 4 years ago we were just making you, Pickles. 

How far we have come, and what a ride etc.

Now the Pickles are PicklePeople rather than PickleSquishes, who are filled with an infectious zest for life and whose sunny smiles and cheeky chatter rule our hearts (and whose demands rule our time). I tell you what seems even more millions of years ago than their being newborns, and that’s their being no more than a wish. We wanted to be mums so much. We were given this amazing gift. I think we have been so exhausted we have lost sight of how much we hoped, wished and prayed that we could be mothers.

This is kind of in honour of mothering Sunday (just gone) and international women’s day – we women are rad.



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