*laughing /crying emoticon*

Look at the bathroom. No going back now. 

The floor under the bath is rotten to pieces.  It has been drying out since we discovered the leak. 

 I’m so happy we found this now instead of bathing and showering over it and having a bath-falling-through-the-floor moment. That’s the silver lining. 

I guess having a new bathroom is exciting too. I didn’t like the old one much but thought it was serviceable… Sigh… 

The tiles turned out to be tiled on top of more tiles, on top of walls in a really bad state on some sides.

The hope is that in the end it will be tiled in these (pale green on walls, stone on floor):  

So… That is us. Acclimatising, potwashing, and trying to see off the drizzly winter! 

The girls are alternately astonishingly well behaved and clever, and astoundingly stubborn and screamy. I’ll try to post a bit more about actual parenting soon!


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