So now we own a little corner of a dodgy little corner in south east London (or at least for the next 124 years, we do). I have to credit my mum who (along with Mummy AW) has been an absolutely rock throughout this process. Hell I am the wrong side of 35 and my mum is still the best. 

When the Big Move finally came around, it was really stressful. I was suddenly scared that this place was our responsibility and no one else’s. What if the roof collapsed? The boiler failed? What if the (absolutely terrifying) filthy loft housed a growing family of rodents? (Or some haunted videotapes like in Insidious (still the last film I watched at the cinema, and the one that taught me I Can Not Do Horror Anymore – when did I become one of the ICNDH club?!))? The disgusting cheap laminate held a dirty secret?

… Oh wait that last one? It came true! 

So I had arranged for the carpet man to come- he took up the laminate in our bedroom and discovered that under the plastic underlay was all wet. Great.

We had to follow a kind of trail, but it turned out (to cut a long story short) that it all came from the bathroom. The bath seal was fu*ked and although the water could rain down during a shower, the resulting soak had nowhere to go because the bath panel was totally sealed up and the moisture just fanned ourwards into new rooms. My daughters’ room? Rotten along the wall! 

My insurance ‘could not’ help as it isn’t the result of a one off event (mofos!!!!!!) so we had to get a loan. I am coming to some peace about it now, but needless to say there have been several stages of freakout before reaching this acceptance. We have now found the tradesmen for the job and most of it will take place at the end of next week. 

On the plus side, the horrible old bathroom  (

 ) needs to be ripped out to fix the mouldy /filthy /rotten floor, which had led to the excitement of choosing a new one. (Still can’t decide on the tiles though!!) 

On balance, we are enjoying living here; it is very quiet and very green. It feels like home (but man we’ll all be happy when we no longer need to pot wash!!!).

The girls are doing really well at nursery- they are making quite an impression on their teachers. 

(LPI’s crocodile)

The girls and mummy AW have awful colds, but I’m still hoping to borrow my neighbour’s saw tomorrow to start chopping down some of my overgrown-hedge-trees. So happy that it’s Saturday tomorrow and we are in OUR home. 


Picklesmamas xoxo


6 thoughts on “Homeowners

  1. Congratulations on your new home. I love east London. My god, now I want to go to Lahore Kebab house and have garlic naan and kebabs. Ugh. Anyway, super cool to have a new place even with it’s quirks. Post pics as it comes along 🙂

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