Pre-school prep.

Our little horrors had their first full day at pre-school today. It has been the all-important settling in week, each day there being an increasing withdrawal of mummies. But today was a Full Day. 

We mummies were pretty worked up about this week as the girls have literally never been away from us except for with close family members, and then only for an hour or so.  The school of anti-attachment parenting always claimed we would be creating clingy, dependent kids through wearing and cosleeping. The alternative idea that you give them a deep security through these approaches always made sense to me but it hasn’t always been easy and of course the proof is in the pudding. I doubted my conviction; had it all just been selfish? 

This week – the Pickles being left alone in the care of other adults – was a big step for us all, and today was the biggest challenge: a full 9-5 with neither mummy. 

They nailed it. We have two smart, funny little girls. No tears, no tantrums; lots of confidence and social skills. …We were the gibberish piles of jelly! 

We are feeling really proud mummies this evening though!


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