I am not a small woman.

Since childhood I have been extremely aware of this; I was always a head taller than the others in primary school photos and at secondary school I ate too much and was chubby as well as tall with huge feet. I turned out well enough but I do have a body type that needs maintenance to stay slim and look reasonable.

Alongside the usual hopes we have for our children, very privately I think we hope they don’t receive some certain features of our gene pool. I was very pleased that having half thai children with a small (but perfectly formed) donor might increase the chances of the birdlike elegance I had always felt so painfully that I lacked. I still hope beyond hope that there will be no drastic difference in body type between them as they grow.

But back to now… Our teeny, tiny twins are… No longer average (and therefore large for twins),  but tall for their age; ‘big’; ‘huge’ etc.

When we meet other children, people are always commenting on their size…. Their height… Obviously with all our moving about we have not had a core group of babies or kids we have hung out with, so we have not made a wealth of comparisons. Recently though, with all the babble about our little so-called giants, we have become more conscious. Personally I think everyone else is a titch 😉 When we scoped out a nursery, we saw the parade of toddlers going to the what would be LPO and LPI’s classroom and they seemed minature!

Then I checked out our girls’ clothes. Almost everything’s a gift or a hand-me-down, so we have lost track a little, of what size they are. Seems as though they’re in age 3-4.

So yeah. We have some strapping twins.

On another note, we have been ill since Monday and give the miserable weather, we went to soft play (near our new place). I laughed to myself about the shape of weekends-to-come over the winter


The girls were too poorly and in the hideous din, there was no solace this time; they did not go off and play.
Wish us all out of snotzville tout suite.

In other news, finally Mummy R and Mummy AW sent out the UK residency card application and so we are waiting for a response. Will let you all know when we know something.. Anything…. Then there is the flat. Who knows when the whole process will be through and we can move in?! Not us. It is making plans for Christmas a bit of a pain…we can’t wait!!!


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