A plea

I love looking at my blog stats to see whether or not people are reading. It’s so cool- I can see that I’m being read from all corners of the globe. Rad! 

My little plea (and that of my pal above, Pigscuit) is, please stop a second and let me know what you think- comments are so amazing to receive. I do try to interact with other bloggers but have been struggling to find the time lately, so I’m well aware of what it’s like, but I would love to make contact and hear your tales too! 



div align=”center”>My Kid Doesn't Poop Rainbows



11 thoughts on “A plea

  1. I totally feel ya! I gave up on getting/leaving comments because time is very limited! 80hr work days and 2 small children leaves minimal time to blog! I do read all the way from Sunny Southern California

  2. Hello from Singapore. Just stumbled onto yr blog a couple of months ago and started to read. I travel Singapore/Malaysia often. Now en route to Canada for work….. The spouse is gonna whine soon. Gtg.

  3. Hello! You know I love reading your blog❤️
    It always makes me laugh (and feel a bit sad!) that we know each other so much better now than when we lived in the same country!

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