There isn’t any reason why our move should go wrong, but I’m scared to get excited. 

We went to look at our new place again yesterday and the flat is really small. My most prevalent concern  is, ‘How are we going to manage the washing?!’ (We always seem to have at least one heap of clothes that never get put away) 

But holy moly, the jungle garden seems to be just huge! 

We are in that weird place where everything is going ahead in its sweet slow solicitors’ way… But nothing is certain. We need to have faith. We are starting to think about collecting some odd bits of furniture because we will be moving into an empty space. All being well. We won’t get everything at once and in a mad rush at ikea. At least, that’s our plan. We got a super table from eBay – £39.99. Solid wood, drop-leaves, vintage … Looking for a chest of drawers next.

Can’t keep myself from thinking about flooring and paint colours… And the garden… Eek


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