Battle of the bulge. 

***I warn you fairly, that moving down this post may result in your eyes being seared by photos of my unaltered body in tired underwear***

Life in Prague. Ahhhh….
With wonderful public transport, amazing bread and a lot of foody markets peddling home-made delicacies, it was not great for my waistline. Nor, I’m guessing, was an underactive thyroid.
With the latter mostly in check and with public transport across South London a joke, I have been cycling to work. It is more than 10 miles there and back each day. I’m also still breastfeeding during the night and wearing heavy toddlers at the weekend. My body is working hard.

So, with some trepidation and embarrassment, I reveal the results of two months’ daily energy expenditure. And no time lost in the gym!

Front and back is enough..

Exercise + commute = one dress-size less!


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