Poo for two


There is currently underway a rather  unfortunate fecal phase of potty training. No nappies, just a whole load of poo in a variety of settings, consistencies and smells. 

On the plus side, there is nothing amiss with their digestive systems and some of LPO’s poos are done on the loo… 

Most of them… Aren’t.

We are trying to be consistent in No Nappies, and apparently this phase is generally painful for all parents. I tell you neither of us is going to miss washing out sh*tty underpants. LPO, after demonstrating her pooing-on-the-loo skills, has regressed. It is really frustrating and totally gross but only one turd has fallen on textile so far…. 

I’m off on my bike ride to work in a minute and I have already washed down two sh*ts. and I know that there will be several more during the day for Mummy AW to contend with. 

Happy days… (Fun fact: It is trickier to make poo puns than wee puns.)


10 thoughts on “Poo for two

  1. I remember working in daycare and we had 2 weeks a year that we called “Potty Camp”. We would let the 2 year old run around in nothing but a t-shirt and underwear, and we would put them on the potty in 30-40 minute intervals, and put stickers on a chart. It was pretty successful for the most part, but i will say, the only thing worse than cleaning your kids poo, is cleaning someone ELSE’S kids poo!

  2. I’m doing potty training at the moment with my boy. Well he uses the big toilet for wees but it’s our first no nappy day today. I’m going to hug the shit out of him (pardon the pun) if he does a poop on the potty this morning! Lol

      1. Ah man! I’m assuming I’ll run into these kind of problems when my twins get here and reach that phase. I guess they’re not on the same kind of toilet schedule either? Is that too much to expect? Lol. My son is pretty regular and has a certain spot (behind the cats scratching post) so I’m hoping I can leap into action when I see the signs. But so far so good going here with no nappy time – except for his balls all over the furniture. I’m finding bribery is really working in my favour!

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