So what’s happened?

Well, The girls are both using the toilet (no accidents at all today!) and LPO even managed a poo today while I was at work.

Our gentle parenting was a bit too flaccid. We are still trying to keep it gentle in the main (although some of it has been cast by the wayside in the face of multiple tantrums on a daily basis), but we are trying much clearer rules and boundaries. I think we were a bit too afraid to impose some things which they will need to fix before nursery starts. Like staying at the table. Dinner rules especially.

I went back to work to a building site on Tuesday and it has been quite difficult to get my room ready.

The girls are so clever and they are suddenly drawing and painting figuratively and it is just so awesome.

We are casually keeping our eyes open for properties in London that *might* fall anywhere within our budget. There are almost none that we are interested in. I am already thinking it would need to be a 1 bed flat, but that sucks whenr there are 4 of us. But do we squeeze in because we need to get on the London property train at the very last carriage? Or do we assume that this price insanity HAS to ease off? Mummy AW’s salary once she gets a job cannot be considered for a mortgage until she has permanent residency so we are trying to find something I can essentially afford a lone. Considering asking to buy it jointly with my mum or dad (but they wouldn’t actually pay the mortgage – Mummy AW’s discounted income would do, if you see what I mean??).

We have been made the most generous offer of a room in a house with one of our favourite families, but it would be a lot of children under one roof. But we would not pay any rent. So it is tempting – we could really save up.

Let’s see! Must concentrate on work now.




One thought on “Lordy

  1. Housing is such a hassle!!! I remember when we moved to the US, we had to have my dad “buy” the house with his money, under mine and my beloved’s name. My dad had enough to pay cash for it which was a total shock to us. But instead of paying the bank with ridiculous interests and what not, we just pay my dad back monthly. We did this because while I could technically afford the house, I couldn’t prove it since we moved back in the summer and though the school district had hired me, I had no proof of “set income” until I started working in the fall. There was no way I was going to live in a hotel for 3 months before actually “proving” that I could afford a house.
    Best of LUCK!

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