Arty Farty

So, I first must apologise for my absence.

I’m sure you could barely contain your impatience to hear what is going on in our funny little patch of SE London? Well, you can breathe again! We are all still alive and functioning. And perhaps, smiling. It has been fun but it is quite tiring travelling here and there with the toddlers. I should be getting back on track with the blog now I’m adjusting.

So, lots to write, but I’m going to start with the gallery. Mummy AW had some misgivings, but I saw an opportunity and took it. What is the worst that can happen? (Ok, I guess toddlers + priceless artefacts could = catastrophe, but I have enough faith to have a go!)

The girls love colouring and painting and are improving all the time. I was keen to get the girls to see some art as LPO especially adores art and I wanted her to see that making pictures is something people do- that it is valuable and stimulating!


We went to the Tate Modern. Despite some fairly typical toddlerisms, I would argue that our trip was something of a success.
I had wanted to try it (maybe mostly for myself) for some time and a super-fun day with Captain T was the ideal opportunity. She had flown in for a visit from the states; we were meeting on the south bank and the Tate was high on her hit list.


I was disappointed that there was nothing interactive, giant and fabulous in the turbine hall, but it didn’t matter loads because the huge ramp was perfect for raucous running and pennyrolling. Captain T gave the girls a few dimes or nickels and showed them how to roll and chase them. Amazing! After the girls were (finally) tired of collecting coins they’d rolled, we rode up the escalators to the first exhibition (the pretentious name of which now escapes me).

It was a hit.

  We loved the paintings (“I did this one!” was a favourite refrain), we weed in the loo rather than on the floor, and we loved the ropes in front of the pictures. We ESPECIALLY loved the beep the ropes made if you touched them. We did attract the attention of the wardens… For our, ahem, excited shrieking, and obviously our delighted rope-beeping.

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8 thoughts on “Arty Farty

  1. Lol that made me chuckle about the beeping! I went to the Tate a few years ago and I’m not really into art and I found it a bit um..boring! Maybe I’ll go again and take along my toddler 🙂 #twinklytuesday

  2. There are some great I-pad type things that the kids can “draw” on, and then their pictures get put up on the wall in the gallery. Our toddler loved it. I think its on the second or third floor. Also interactive toys / blocks etc on one of the landings.

  3. I’ve actually gone to the Louvre with my kiddos and we did just fine, thankfully. They were bored out of their mind, but at least they kept their stuff together….that in my book, is a win!

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