Rainy write-off

Good lord.. 

What an awwwwwful-toddler-terrible-twos day. 
Earlier I felt like I was going to explode.
It is freezing today. It is pissing with rain. I decided we might as well try our first cinema visit. 
Except, two madams are still undressed. 
It’s 5.30 pm. 
It has been a stir crazy day. 
Rainy day twin fun:
1) refusal to change out of pjs,

2) fighting,

3) weeing on the floor,

4) screaming,

5) Refusing to sleep,

Ad infitum
They like to tag team this as well- so as soon as one’s hysteria abates, the other’s begins.
We thought we might try the first trip to the cinema today, to see Inside Out. Not a chance! 
Just a simple rainy day! I almost lost it. 
How does mummy AW do this all day, every day?! Amazing! 


One thought on “Rainy write-off

  1. I told you it was a mistake to teach them to walk and talk so it is your own fault… I find a little alcohol sometimes helps. It doesn’t matter whether you take the alcohol or give it to the kids….

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