Gender madness in Thailand part 451

I tought that this would be the end of my opinion piece on gender equality in Thailand. But I have a driving theory test in two days (not to mention the Big Move shortly afterwards so I’m short on both thought formulation and writing time. In the meantime, thought I’d better provide you with something short but with oomph before you lose the thread.

So what I have been discussing is a multi-step Bad by the men in (military) uniform, inflicted upon the sub-human category of citizen, the ‘pit-pokatee’.

(Pit-pokatee means abnormal in Thai). 

I am finally getting to my point, which is that there is no respect for, let alone protection of, rights for LGBT people. Not even of unions from elsewhere:

1) No civil partnership or marriage,

2) No recognition of other countries’ CPs or marriages involving foreigners or Thais,

3) No rights to your own fertility without a husband.

This one is the reason I have written this 4-post tirade. 

Get this people; now we can’t use our own embryos in Thailand. 

Ok wait, what? 


Didn’t they come from your body? 

Yes sir, that too! 

Didn’t you exchange a large amount of your hard-earned money for the right to grow them? 

Yes, I effing did. They are my little biohazards. My bank-breaking biohazards. 

Ok, that is sh*t. Ok, so you have to move them. 

Yep, but on 28th of July they’ll forbid that also. 

How much does it cost to ship embryos from Thailand to Europe? 

About £1600. 

Eff OFF!! 

I know! 

After July 28 we must rock up with a ‘husband’ who is also the originator of the sperm. Lucky we know our donor. 


16 thoughts on “Gender madness in Thailand part 451

  1. Holy crap!! That is so ridiculous, and so sad that this type of discrimination still exists in modern society. I can only imagine how frustrated and upset you must be that you can’t even access your OWN embryos without spending MORE ridiculous amounts of money.

  2. I’m currently getting mixed messages about moving the embryos too. 50% of the clinics I have contacted have said it’s impossible because there’s too little time or ‘bureaucracy’. 25% have said they’ll accept them but it’s on me to get them there. The remaining just want LOADS of money *sobs and wipes her eyes with her empty bank account statements*

    1. I’m so so so sorry.
      What about going to Thailand on a holiday in a few years and bringing ‘husband’ along? Or this is not possible because he’s unknown, so husband not usable with those embryos?

      1. No, it’s not and I try to keep my cool but I might have lost it once or twice this week. Half of me would love to kamikazi myself out of here right now though.

  3. I’m about to move back to Thailand permanently after spending the latter half of my life abroad and although kids are not in my foreseeable future, I do want to have them eventually. I knew that it will be difficult but this just made it way worse. I’ve also read your previous posts on the gender madness in Thailand and I was shouting YESSSSS in my head throughout. The strong gender role and the ignorance when it comes to LGBT issues are so frustrating, Most of my friends now are queer and it’s disheartening to think that I wouldn’t find people with similar believes when I move even among the LGBT community.

    1. Ugh… It is such a difficult culture in Thailand. There is no clarity or open discussion of important issues. I’d love to hear where else you have lived and why you might choose to adopt Thailand as your permanent home.

      1. I am from Thailand and spent my childhood there, my parents and family are in Thailand hence the move. Immigration laws in the UK are also making it very difficult to stay. The sabai sabai attitude in Thailand has its pros and cons. I lived in Singapore in my teens and for the past 2 years I’ve been in Manchester. I’m very much enjoying the queer community in Manc, such a breath of fresh air after Thailand and Singapore!

      2. Oooh talk to me about Manchester! We want to settle down here but I am lost in the north. While we were abroad, London prices went OFF THE SCALE and we are coming to terms with the fact we have to look to other UK cities… But it is still foreign really. Do you love it? X

      3. Just thinking about this and not sure I ever got the email. Or I hav alraeady forgotten. There has been too much happening for me to retain much information! Sorry! x

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