By Jove, she’s cracked it. 


So, I confess, I’m a crunchy, babywearing, baby led, muesli chomping, wannabe-vegetarian, cosleeping mum.

You get the picture.

I make no judgement on other styles of parenting, but I realise I am in quite a large (and often roundly mocked) minority in that I’m still breast feeding LPO. The girls will be 30 months tomorrow.

There- now that confession is out in the open I can tell you a bit more of our breastfeeding story.
I think now I am here being the said crunchy attachmenty mummy, I’m not in the least bit surprised- of course I am – it is me all over. But before the girls were born, my parenting convictions were quite vague and I wasn’t parented that way and I think I turned out ok.

I think I have clung to the girls’ attachment because they are natural instincts, but also because our birth story was very very difficult; LPI never managed to breastfeed because she was whisked off immediately and kept in a sterile room for 8 days – during which time I could only look upon her through a window for the permitted hour. This is how things are done in Thailand. The lowly mothers’ wishes carry no weight in birth stories; LPO was given bottles by the midwives (I am still so furious about that!!) and it was a huge battle to make blest feeding work. Then I went back to work after three months and my heart broke all over again.

I could not spend all day absent and then put them to sleep in another room. This was my time to be their mum; I could be a night time mummy so that is what I did. And things are still that way. We are coping, and the girls still need us. Now we need giant beds because they have grown so much, but while they still want things this way we won’t force change. Because actually we love it too.

Once or twice, recently this has happened:

I have finally achieved my new-mum dream of tandem feeding my twins.

About 2.5 years too late.

I’m not going to stop her. I know it is a bit weird to allow your child to begin breastfeeding so late, but I have always felt greatly guilty for the increased closeness LPI must have felt she lacked. Now she is a sassy, aware not-so-little pickle, she wants a piece of the action. Actually she started showing an interest a while ago, but now she has it! She is drinking milk.

Long may it continue. Sort of. Um…

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11 thoughts on “By Jove, she’s cracked it. 

  1. Oh my, your girls crack me up!

    Embrace you crunchy granola-ness, clearly the Pickles love it and are thriving. I saw them busting out a move on the book of face earlier. Wee stars in the making xxx

  2. CONGRATS! Breastfeeding in itself is a huge accomplishment. Tandem feeding twins is AMAZING! Feed them for as long as you all want and forget all judgement from others.

    I tandem nursed my twins. We had a rocky start too. Like you, I was determined though and the 3 of us conquered. Q self-weaned at about 40 months. T stopped (with my encouragement) about 3 months ago, just 2.5 months shy of her 4th birthday. I was ready for it to be over. I am so grateful that I didn’t succumb to pressure from others to stop feeding them earlier. They weren’t ready and I was comfortable with it, so I saw no need to force them to stop. As a result, I have no regrets and weaning was (relatively) painless.

    1. It is tough sometimes but I mean it when I say I love it – the pain of watching her pain at having to stop by force would be too much! I am also really happy that LPI is having a go and is able to feel included.

  3. Its not weird its admirable and awesome 🙂

    we too had a traumatic birth and a difficult start. still feeding strong at 24 months and about to embark on a tandem feeding journey when baba is born in 4 weeks time 🙂 exciting.

    A lovely post 🙂

  4. What works for you, works for you. And I’m sitting over here suffering from enormous envy. My girls gave up the breast at 5 and 7 months old. They’re 9 and I still haven’t gotten over their early weaning. Thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday.

    1. Aw, well it is certainly emotional, breastfeeding- for mummy and babes. I can imagine how mixed my emotions will be when O no longer needs it- relieved yes, but also terribly sad. I’ll definitely feel loss. Thanks for reading! X

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