Twin speaks



Orrrrr something.

There is lots of random noisemaking, but these are repeated as though proper words…
Weird twin-speak has suddenly begun.

Should we react?

Celebrate: “Oh, are you making up your own language?” ?

Distinguish: “Oh, I don’t understand that.” ?

Discourage: “Oh, that’s a bit silly.” ?

Or just ignore it?

It might be a flash in the pan. I just fear for their integration with other kids. They are so tetchy and bad at sharing as it is, that I’m really concerned about them developing a secret language and a sort of secret twin club. It has never happened till now.
Any other twin mamas got any experience with this?

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4 thoughts on “Twin speaks

  1. Love the superhero pic! Very suitable for you as you’re a bonefide supermum. I think all kids that age are tetchy and crap at sharing. The kids at school often speak a different language when they arrive but they soon become interested in their classmates and learn to speak the same language so they can play together. I wouldn’t worry xxx

      1. Naw. Both of you. I feel the same about the Mummy. Would love to know where she channels that patience from…and convince her to share.

  2. You know, it’s funny…although our boys don’t have any “language” yet, they communicate with each other using a series of grunts, and they’ve been doing that since they were about 3 weeks old. Now that they are a little older, if we put them in the bumbo’s across from each other, they grunt, laugh, squeal, or just keep grunting. I wonder sometimes if that’s a language of their own too…

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