Do I have enough to go around?

Yep, this. A year on – same shit, differnt day, different country…

Life with Two Pickles.

I’m sort of freaking out.

I’m like icing. Imagine I’m on a cupcake. There’s loads of me, and the stuff I have to deal with is bitsized (depends on the cupcake maker, but you catchy my (sugary) drift). Great.

Only now my cake is massive. It’s like a gigantic wedding cake, with the cupcake icing all over it, not really having much of an impact anywhere, and spread really thin.


(I discovered through this analogy that un-iced wedding cakes are de rigeur. They do look pretty fantastic, so perhaps I should take that as a sign that a thinly-spread situation can still be turned around and rocked. Let’s hope so. Anyway back to reports)

(Image credit, naked cakes, Plymouth)

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