Tin train love

We are laughing to ourselves about the girls’ current toy choices (especially with reference to my other post on gender equality in Thailand). They like to sleep with their trains. Their very cuddly tin trains. Yeah, really comfy. I love waking up wedged not only between two toddlers, but with a small knobbly lump poking into my backside.
The girls remember too. I mean, if they stir in the night, then they will search among the bedclothes for their tin train.
“Choo choo!” they’ll mutter before dropping off again into deep sleep. Or, “My train!”
Sometimes, Olive stumbles blearily out of the bedroom to find out where we are, always clutching her chuggington pal.
I’m sure it will be fleeting. I record it for that reason.
What funny toy attachment did your kids develop? Did your girls escape the pink and Barbie obsessions? Or did they become interested once at school?

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9 thoughts on “Tin train love

  1. I love it, how funny and I live the fact it’s trains! Wonder how long it will last?! My boy gas always gone to bed with his blanket and my girl loves her bunny rabbits. My boy makes random attachments to particular toys on a daily basis and St that moment nothing else but that toy will do 🙂

  2. I love this. I always wonder about my daughters’ choices in toys and what they NEED to have to be able to go to sleep. Good luck to you with your own sleep. I know what it’s like to sleep between sweaty kids and sweaty hubby along with other garbage that CLEARLY does not belong in the bed! #TwinklyTuesday

    1. Haha, I’m really deprived at the moment as I just have an unbelievable amount of work … And we are relocating… … And I have tin trains in my back. What do your girls like to cuddle?

  3. Jax just got a toy tea set from my wife’s cousin and he ADORES playing pretend tea party with us. He also loves playing with stuffed animals and always has his monkey MoMo and his little lamb Baby with him, and can’t sleep without them! I think its BS that society wants to pigeonhole kids into playing with one type of toy or not based solely on stereotypical gender norms. We don’t care what type of toys he plays with based on color/type/etc, so long as he’s happy and having fun.

  4. My girls went through a train phase at age 2. I even threw them a train-themed birthday party! They still like mostly gender-neutral toys, but I think that the storylines and personalities that they attach to their stuffed toys are “typically” girly. I understand that boys are less likely to use coherent narratives in their independent play.

    They’ve certainly been exposed to the pink frilly stuff at school, but they’re actively aware of gender issues. (For instance, J took it upon herself to reintegrate her classroom lunch table after it started having “boy” and “girl” sides. Both my girls like dance, football/soccer and have recently expressed an interest in martial arts.

    Thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday.

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