Being ill with twins is really a pain. I must say first of all, that we have all been suffering, in sequence, not only me. I think it is a sort of flu – or at any rate, there is fever, snot and joint pain.
I was the last to get it and let me tell you, the others were all heroes over the last 10 days. Mummy AW complained a bit but actually she functioned!
Hmm. Beyond human basics? The only functions I managed were whinging, lolling and hiding in equal measure.
We are almost four weeks on now from when I began writing this and I’m still not totally better. I tried to cobble this together during a nap time or two (the rarest of treats!) along with some very short sleeps. Then the bouncing/ screaming happened. God forbid my wanting some time to wallow in self pity rest.
I wanted so much to go to work but I had to face the music that was playing: “YOU’RE ILL” . Staying at home with twins is no more restful than a day at work.

Popping to the bedroom for a lie down:

“Mummy!!” And the patter of four feet, approaching rapidly. Sinking under the duvet is no good. If you’re lucky, the cover will be whipped off your face and you’ll see them before they jump up and down on your fragile abdomen, space-hopper style.
Putting on Cebeebies in the kitchen and slinking off to sit down on the sofa:

“Mummy!” And the patter of at least two feet, demanding that I do not miss a second of RaaRaa /dipdabs /those neurons/ Andy’s (various) adventures alongside them.
Going to the toilet:

Shut the door? If I want my ablutions to be soiled (pardon the pun) by screams and yells so pitiful that they may not be ignored. That is great for the headache.

When they’re in?

“It’s mummy’s bum!”

“Mummy poo!”

“Mummy wee-wee!”

“Help!” (Tearing off toilet paper….)

“Press!” (Flush)

(This last especially causes a fight between my two toilet spectators.)
I have pulled my rib muscles and I’m finding the most enormous variety of movements painful.



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8 thoughts on “Yuck

  1. Oh man, I feel for you. I was down for two weeks before getting to the doctor for a cure. Two days into the antibiotic I was able to function again. Maybe you need one too?

  2. Oh, I’m so sorry. I’ve only been very ill twice since having my twins, but it was SO hard. Forget “sleeping it off” when there are two little people needing care and attention. I hope you’re back on your feet and pain-free before too long. Thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday.

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