I am purposefully stepping away from my online community for a bit. I need to say something first though.  I certainly can’t find if in my heart to be funny about anything right now.

Firstly I have found myself really unwell, and unwell with two toddlers is more than the usual challenge. It has been going on for about two weeks. Secondly though and more significantly, I can’t articulate or process what just happened to my wonderful country in the General Election. But I will try.

I can’t believe the result. It sounds melodramatic but I am truly, deeply rocked and sickened that so many people voted for an acceleration of the hideous dismantling, bullying and rights-curtailments we have experienced over the last 5 years.  They say it was democracy at work, but how can people have a clear picture of the policies when one party is of the rich and privileged and furthermore has our disgraceful media in its pocket? AND has passed a gagging law prohibiting anti-government propaganda in the 12 months prior to the election?  The campaign relied heavily on orchestrated newspaper-led smearing of other parties.
I’m not a disabled person, or someone claiming benefits, but I am human and I don’t think society prospers if we only look inwards to ourselves.

I’m so emotional about this and so clearly defeated, I just… What..? I am in disbelief. I am also in emergency mode: if these Tories, now unfettered by a milder voice (if you are not from the UK, last time they did not win, they had to form a coalition but this time they won!!! I mean it is worthy of study and analysis, that is for sure) do something to the route I have taken over three years in the next 8 weeks or so, I don’t know what will happen to us. I guess Mummy AW would be stuck in limbo… Maybe back in bangkok. The girls and I would have to struggle claiming benefits for the first time in our lives as I can’t take up the job I have accepted without her. It doesn’t bear thinking about. Anyway it is in their manifesto, to stop EU residents bringing non-EU spouses with them to the UK, so they will mess with people like us. I just hope we are all systems go before they do. And then, I hoped to be coming home to a better Britain. It won’t be that. Who the hell elects a party whose mission is to abolish the protections of their own basic human rights?! My head hurts!

I’m going off the grid a little because many will call me a sore loser. They will find me insufferable. And Jesus I am sore. Like a bear. And I have to regroup and readjust my faith in humanity. I will be back.

It is a dark day, for everyone- even the wealthy, as they insert a wedge to keep open the cracks forming in our once functioning society; as they turn their backs. I think the the working poor are going to have a lot to say about how the Tories have crushed them. That is if their channels of communication are not further stimied and they are not further  stigmatised for their anger. The Tories have ripped the beating hearts out of our chests.


5 thoughts on “Omg

  1. Ugh I so feel for you. It’s been all over social media here in NZ. I saw a bunch of photos a day or so out from the election of the covers of all the major UK newspapers…everyone of them (& we are talking ‘proper’ papers like the Guardian, Daily Mail etc) had a front page cover story slagging off the opposition & awful photos of the leader. It was appalling. Here in NZ we just had a similar situation last year when to huge shock for us non ‘Tory’ voters, they romped back in for a 3rd 3 year term. It totally felt like the left had mobilized hugely and that there was going to be a Labour / Green led government. There was a huge campaign funded by the polarizing Kim Dotcom to expose the PM for blatantly lying to the public about spying & other dirty politics. Then to our horror & dismay on election night the right came out in force to counteract all the terrible (& irrefutable) publicity – and they won by a landslide. Horrific.

    1. What is going on in the world. I sometimes feel we are on this hideous long trajectory that became inevitable a long time ago, and is out of of control. The end won’t be pretty.

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