Sand and Bananaz

This is a wee post to ask two questions about the meaning of (my) life.
Here they are:
1) Why am I all chilled and achey on Friday night? IT IS THE WEEKEND!

2) Why does the inevitable playground request for banana always coincide with sandpit time? The consequences are always the same!!

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5 thoughts on “Sand and Bananaz

  1. I am chilled and achy on a Saturday night…but it may be related to my exploits last night. As to sand and bananas? I’m just glad you have girls so we know this is not a metaphor 🙂

    1. I’m drinking fizzy wine, in the face of evidence what I might have is a chest infection. The way I see it, if I’m on antibiotics in the near future for a week or so, this could be my last glass for a while..! 😉

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