Gogglebox guilt

Ceebeebies…. I’m sure this is a familiar scene for any mum of toddlers /twins. 

If this never happens in your house, how do you manage it. This morning we have caved. It has been a bit of a telly marathon, just because it means we are free for that little bit of time. Free from being clung to or shouted at. 

Physically fully mobile. 

Oh, Cebeebies, I love you. But it feels like the way I sometimes love a dirty quarter pounder with cheese. We should be making home-made toddler sensory play slime or something. 

What are your views on toddler TV? Am I a terrible mother? 

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15 thoughts on “Gogglebox guilt

  1. A mummy with no time to eat, pee or take a minute to recharge is not a happy mummy. A TV break occasionally is fine, in my humble opinion. I grew up watching Neighbours and Home and Away and I’m still (almost) normal. At least Cbeebies is educational

    1. That’s true. I am worried about mummy AW actually as she is not feeling great, and the girls are so so so tough going sometimes. 😦 a little TV is so helpful for the odd hour here and there every few days or so. I usually try to limit it to 3o mins and I think this time it was heading towards an hour, so I was feeling guilty. But I mean our walls are covered in scribbles and our playdough has dried up… and the girls seem weirdly unaware of their toys. They love their bikes and everything physical so it is way better to be out.

      1. Our tot has zero interest in his toys too. He wants everything else. Especially the valuable and breakable stuff. Poor AW, give her a hug from us. It’s cruddy being a sick mummy.

  2. You are not a bad mom! Jax watches TV, but we always try to pick an educational show. That’s not to say that’s what always happens, and Disney Jr is on way too much lol. Although I have to say, sometimes even the “non educational” shows can teach them, as Jax started talking to me about moon rocks in Space after watching a Disney Jr show the other day.

  3. I worked at a childcare center for many years, and I have to be honest…I was always against my kids watching TV, but after working with so mnay kids, you can tell the ones that are allowed to watch some TV. They usually have better developed language and critical thinking skill, and they also are much better at sequential things. There is always a happy place right in the middle. As long as your kids are watching just 1-2 episodes (one in the morning before breakfast and one at night after dinner and bath to unwind) then it’s not that bad…and it at least gives you 20-30 minutes to do something you want to do!

    1. I just think on that occasion I could feel it becoming too easy and the girls being sucked in – I think a little longer than I wanted… But usaully there are some clear limits. We are just so freaking tired.

  4. If you are terrible mother, then 99% of Mums in the UK are too. There’s a time for TV and kept in proportion, there are benefits. My 5 year old wouldn’t now want to be a palaeontologist if it wasn’t for Dinosaur Train and Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures. And thanks to Cbeebies, you can be sure they are watching something vaguely educational/inspirational and with no adverts. Stop the guilt, embrace, and enjoy some well-deserved peace. #TwinklyTuesday Over from http://www.cookwithtoddlers.com/community

  5. Definitely not a terrible mother! It took Zach a long time to get into tv – he was never really bothered and would much rather run around and play. That’s all very different now and he loves cbeebies – especially Justin’s House! In fact, he watches it on the iphone in the mornings sometimes while I’m getting ready for you work! See, I’m even worse than you think you are!! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

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