First of all, is the term ‘tenderhooks’ or ‘tenterhooks’? I think I know, but just yesterday I heard someone saying it the other way.
Anyhow, we are on them. Today is probably a big day, and whether for good or for ill, that we DO NOT HAVE TO WAIT TILL MONDAY.
Alright. So this morning we have some interesting developments. I’ve been watching the ‘teleperformance trafficlights’ as I have named them. The administrators employed by UK VI have an impressive looking tracking system for visa applications (I know that ours isn’t a visa, as it is illegal for the UK to require them in our circumstances. But it is a visa, just with a different name).
Teleperformance are not renowned for their efficiency, although I really had no reason to complain and had blind faith that the ‘traffic lights’ would tell me what I needed to know. Yesterday we were 15 days from submission of the family permit application, and coz of Easter, 9 working days. On the second day traffic lights 2 and 3 turned green and nothing has since changed. Each time you check, you start to imagine them trawling through every aspect of your past and forgotten history and weighing up whether you are the sort of individual they fancy having in the UK. Although they have to really invent reasons to refuse us because we are in compliance with all the EU conditions and the additional (illegal) ones tacked on by Ther.esa Ma.y (our resident chief xen.ophobe. I read in a support group that another nervous couple who also applied on April 1 had decision made on 13th and FP in hand on 14th. So although with loads to keep us busy, I was still getting a little bit itchy. What was the cause of the delay in our case?
Although we are both really stressed out about the result of this application, I’m the one that’s doing all the crazy checking. They make these forms confusing on purpose, I swear. You have to enter the same information about 15 times without tripping yourself up. I have to check that every time you’ve written something is the same. What can be a simple innocent oversight when you  have written your address down six or seven times in the same application might be interpreted as a terrifying attempt at deception by the UK VI. You do have to be really really careful. Accordingly I hope that wedid not make any such glaring errors.
Last night before trying to sleep after toddler fever drama, I checked the teleperformance trafficlights tracking for about the 75th time that day. Same: 3 green, 3 red. I thought to myself maybe if I check AW’s emails something might have happened there.
(Meaningful silence)
In AW’s her email inbox there was a DHL dispatch notice which she had had neither the time nor inclination to realise was not spam. I haven’t checked her emails since we set up the application because they are not my emails, and  (d’oh!) I had expected teleperfomance’s traffic lights to alert us. however this juicy DHL despatch email was totally tantalising. At 10pm last night, although still in Warsaw, our decision-in-an-envelope was ready for dispatch (and, teleperfornance traffic lights, by default already made!).
So. The yay or nay has caught us by surprise and I have not yet set up the second application in apprehension of a refusal (guess what I will be doing tonight??). This morning, DHL’s militant efficiency tells me that overnight it has arrived at and been processed through Leipzig, Germany. And that it is already here in Prague.
I’ll leave it there and write again later.
Root for us, guys, that this is only the penultimate application we’ll have to make to set ourselves up TOGETHER in the UK. A family united, not divided.


Friday Frolics

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