Ok so we have some movement on the weeing-front. 

LPI has had an epottypiphany. Or an epissany. Whatever, but she is going for it when she remembers and is very pleased with herself.
LPO is a little behind but we are trying to reward her for effort. She is very articulate these days and said exactly these words: “I want to. I can’t” we are pleased with that effort too!
Here is a twin thing though (right, twin mamas?):
Once they have sat themselves on the potties and LPI has gone, and LPO is bored of not being able to go, one or the other will begin scooting the potties about like little cars (with the horrible rasping noise you’d expect from no wheels). One child might not think of it. One younger sibling’s potty-scootin’ ideas might be quashed by an older sister’s withering look or firm guidance. Twins though, just ramp each other up, and soon there is a mini Grand Prix (Grand Piss)  race going on (quite slowly, admittedly).
Once we have dealt with the potty scrapescooting,the girls will run about a bit and LPO will do a massive wee on the floor!

Once we have dealt with the scrape-scooting, the girls will run about a bit and LPO  do a massive wee on the floor.

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12 thoughts on “Epottypiphany

  1. Hahaha, funny! Grand Piss- love it! This is why teaching Kindergarten stresses me out. When you tell one kid not to do something 20 others immediately jump on the bandwagon.

  2. I do NOT miss potty training, glad my two weren’t the only ones to ‘drive’ their potties around the floor 🙂

    1. I’m glad ours weren’t the only ones too! It is really a testing time. If you have looked through our blog you’ll see we have lots of other stuff going on with life too and sometimes it really feels like too much: job applications, relocation, visa applications, full time work, twins, wee everywhere, cosleeping, extended breastfeeding… Just ugh. Things have to get easier from here!

  3. ‘An epissany’ – love it. We’ve just been through the potty training. Hats off to you with two at the same time – juggling one with a baby has driven me to the bottle 😉

  4. Oh no, what a nightmare – I just cannot imagine having to do two! Earlier on I put Zach in normal pants for a little trial. Just as I stood there and told him to remember to tell us if he needed to do a wee, he did one in his pants! And yet just a while before that, he walked into the bathroom, pulled his pull up down and got himself on the toilet and did a wee. It’s trialling times isn’t it! Thanks so much for linking up with #twinklytuesday

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