“Share baby, ngggmhhh!”

Arriving at a playground when it is empty is bad.

If the playground is empty, then it is Little Pickle Territory.

If you subsequently arrive in Little Pickle Land, be warned. You shall hear, echoed:

“Share baby,” followed by a sort of gnarled noise which means “no!”

“Share” has unfortunatley been mislearned by the Pickles. In their mind, having heard it in times of sharing conflict, it has always had a meaning akin to “THAT’S MINE!”

If your little Bob tries to get in the sand pit; “Share baby, Neh!” Little Pickles say.

If little Violet opens the gate with an inviting smile; “Share baby, Neh!” they yell.

If Tomaš walks over to the swing Little Pickles are not even using; “Share baby, Neh!” they will say. And it will go over and over until a reminder (not always gentle) has been given.


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7 thoughts on ““Share baby, ngggmhhh!”

    1. It’s a little wearing, but I’m sure it will be ok in the end… Right?! Twins are hardgoing, but fabulous, I think (although we are having a few off days which I suspect are teething-related.

  1. Mine! Mine! Mine!

    We used to have an issue with a local park that was always empty. The big one genuinely believed it was his park.

    Cue the mother of all tantrums when someone else had the audacity to come play one day!

    Thanks for linking up #FridayFrolics

  2. Gotta love that kid logic! my youngest still can’t say much but with much shaking of his head, pointing and whining he manages to get his point across well! #sundaystars

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