Slow it down

In the words of East 17 (see above), I’d like to put in a request that things stop whizzing by at such an incredible speed. I know it has been said a thousand times before, but GOSH it flies. In 8 days we have been here 9 months.

I suppose if you consider that is the whole time it takes to grow a baby out of 2 cells, it is not surprising that our girls have changed beyond measure during that time. When we got here they could barely feed or dress themselves, or talk! 

This playground is one of the places we spent our long summer days before I began my job. It’s a lovely spot in a hilly park called Riegrovy Sady:

It is not such a lovely place in the winter, and so quiet. We have been here now today for two hours. Right at the end of my half term hol, the sun has come out. Annnnd how! The clocks changed recently and now suddenly the evenings stretch on forever and with the retreat of the clouds, it feels like summer is here.

So, I’m standing in the playground and I’m watching my children from a distance. I write children rather than babies because it is the most accurate noun these days. Weird. Well, I suppose it couldn’t be less weird actually, but it feels surreal. They don’t need me any more. They play so beautifully by themselves,  independently and they’re looking for new opportunities all of the time. They are confident and perhaps a little reckless. It’s only for doing something very very risky like climbing to the very very top of the tree or on top of the highest slide, that they need any help.
In Prague coming to the playground on a beautiful beautiful day is a lovely thing to do because while the kids busy themselves, you can sit down and talk with all the other adults. Or your partner.  My point is that in the winter the playground is bitter and empty (not that the kids mind) but when the sun comes out it is HOTCHING (a bit like UK beaches on the first boiling day of the year).
Anyone has been following my blog for any length of time will know, and I’m extremely glad that they’re not so teeny and needy any more. Newborn twins are HARD. Things are getting slightly…. different. While something’s get easier, new challenges arise. While I am proud and happy, at the same time I want to stop the clock. How is it happening? Where is the time going? Next birthday they’re going to be three. That means they will have been alive and out of my body for three years.
How is it possible that they have been independently existing beings for that length of time? I know I’m going to blink and they’ll be at school and it’s going to be crazy.
Just now LPI is running round in a big group of children catching bubbles. And LPO is currently studiously building things in the sandpit. The temperaments are so different!
Mummy AW has just gone off to buy me a mojito and I’m standing outside the fence like a hobo.  Actually, in the Czech Republic it is completely culturally acceptable to drink and look after children – although NOT AT ALL acceptable to be drunk.  That wasn’t possible when we got here in July. I mean it was, but I would never have had the time to drink it (The little things).
Photo Apr 10, 17 42 00
Friday Frolics

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10 thoughts on “Slow it down

  1. Clichéd though it is, time flies and you just have to try to enjoy each phase rather than pine for what is past. They sound like a fun pair, by the way 🙂 #FridayFrolics

  2. I commented on the “attachment parenting” post and this morning when I checked my e-mail I noticed that the link sent you to my OLD blog. I transferred all of my posts to a new blog and the link for that has now been attached. I am sorry for the confusion. Don’t think I am not allowing into my private blog ( I don’t use that one anymore. I use the 🙂


  3. Hello! I know it’s a bit direct but I saw one of your old posts in a forum for fertility clinics. I’ve been looking for a clinic in Thailand–Bangkok to be precise– that allow a single woman like myself to have IUI. Unfortunately, all the clinics and hospitals I’ve called don’t seem to allow it. It’s difficult for me too since I’m from Japan and I’m not proficient in Thai. I hope you can e-mail me with any information that can help me. I hope you don’t find this offensive or anything, it’s just I’m really desperate.

    I see that you’ve successfully had a baby with your partner and I’m so glad for the both of you! I hope my partner and I can have the same family.

    If you can, please e-mail me at

    1. It is no problem of course! Unfortunately things have changed in bangkok in the last year or so and I am not sure how up to date my knowledge is. Furthermore when I try to help couples these days I don’t often find out if they were successful or not. I will email you soon.

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