I loved this idea.

I have recently come across where other mothers have made a commitment not to put on their big ugly judgey pants when sharing stories and approaches.

Well I definitely have my way of doing things, and was recently angsting about it here, so it is great to know that I can air our choices here (and maybe even complain about them) without any ridicule or b*tichiness.

I pledge not to be a mardy mother or a bitchy bird – mums and moms – I salute you!



3 thoughts on ““Mommitment”

  1. Hi There! Just found this little post you wrote about mommitment. I collaborate with mommitment and The Mom Movement over at the Facebook Page. Would love to have you over there and maybe you would like to write a special mommitment post. I just found your blog through #MMWBH and I had a baby in Bangkok too. But now we live in Bali and my daughter who is now almost three always remembers to say sawadee kah with her hands. I hope she never forgets!

    1. Hi orana, thanks for your comment! Sadly my birth experience was pretty dreadful in Bkk and we are having some problems with new fertility laws now as well so I don’t feel great about the whole experience (you can read about it on the blog, if you’re interested). Anyway, I’d love to post so I’ll check out the page 🙂

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