Blatantly NOT the last post before Christmas…

Good lord, in stumbling through my blog wondering what others will think of it, I found this post. Amazing now to think that LPO and LPI were ever not here.

Life with Two Pickles.

Tomorrow morning I go into the hospital. Early – 6am. I will be ‘prepared’ by the nurses. I know that involves some certain shaving (I will wax a bit today if I am capable – otherwise the stubble will grow back under my c-section dressing) and an enema. That’s all I know.

Last night I had a bit of a panic attack. It sort of hit me – the ENORMITY of Friday. I am not very good with pain/ the anticipation of pain/ injections/ blood – the idea of the spinal block epidural pretty much knocks me out without the need to administer the drug, if you see what I mean.

I am in a bit of an odd place. I am totally over this pregnancy body; I mean, I weigh 98 kilos. That’s 200lbs. That is a gain of 27 kilos. My legs really look like like uncooked sausages…

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