10 things not to do at Twin Teeth Time

1: Say the words “teeth time”
2: Not be able to find either toothbrush
3: Not be able to find one toothbrush
4: Be able to find both toothbrushes
5: Refuse the use of your own toothbrush
6: Insert any of said toothbrushes into toddler mouth
7: Sweet talk
8: Yell
9: Allow them to brush their own teeth
10: Hold ’em down.
We were DREADING the girls’ first dentist appointment this morning, as teeth really have been a struggle and we did not expect them to allow a doctor to put his or her fingers into their mouths. Actually, due in part to their love and fascination for Dr Ranj, they behaved like small celestial cherubs. they received a beautiful turquoise ring for their troubles. Thanks, Doctor!
Get Well Soon Dr Ranj with JobiThe girls then rode the tram all the way to my work (during which time they lost their pretty rings…) so I could do some organising and they tired themselves out with a load of bouncing and climbing in the playground.
 A good day.
How was yours?
Super Busy Mum

11 thoughts on “10 things not to do at Twin Teeth Time

  1. We’ve got to take the Baby to the dentist for a check up next week (because a dental infection could exacerbate his heart condition). Hope the dentist has some good tricks because there’s no way I’m sticking my fingers in that piranhas mouth. I like have ten digits, thanks! #MMWBH

    1. Is he a biter? Did I tell you that Ivy has a heart murmur which may or may not be nothing? We have struggled to get a cardio appointment because the clinic speaks no English and ignores my efforts with google translate :/

      1. Oh yes he’s a HUGE biter. Mostly me, less with the Mummy but that seems to be changing. I have some pretty impressive bruises. No you didn’t. It’s soooo stressful. Has she always had it?

      2. We only discovered it when we registered with a GP here- they are so thorough! She’s probably always had it. No further info available as we could not communicate with cardiology clinic! :/

      3. Yuck. Wow, I’m surprised no one picked up on it here. Hopefully that means it’s pretty minor. Our Doc said the Baby’s VSD is pretty common, most cases close by themselves by 4 years old and regardless he’ll probably live a completely normal life. Just have to keep an eye on it. Can’t you find a doctor that has some English? That seems crazy!

      4. We have a great english-speaking paediatrician and cardiologist at same clinic but the cardiologist only deals with adults so we have been referred to a specialist infant cardiologist who’s english is appalling

    1. Previously. They got a horrible mouth infection and we eased up on brushing a little for a few days – the results were just horrific and the dentist looked at us as though we were despicable mothers. Sigh. Since then we have been really strict but the girls have also been really against the whole shebang

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