Is it there yet? Is it there yet?

So what’s new? Well, I GOT A JOB. Well chuffed, as I only applied for six, and imagined I’d still be plugging away miserably at applications.

We had a big day today as well, submitting the supporting evidence we need for the EEA family permit. We have to just wait now, although we have a nice tracking-registration-thingy online which has lots of circles which turn from red to green when the different stages of the application are completed. It isn’t exactly a blind wait which we had been expecting, but not sure it is a good thing that from my iPhone I can check every 5 minutes for the next three weeks. (number of checks must stand at about 73 already)

This is how far our application has progressed so far…

For those of you not in the know, if we don’t get it this time (and it would be for some spurious reason), we can apply again, addressing the concerns in the refusal. Each time it is free, unlike UK visa applications. I’m confident that we won’t have a problem getting to the UK, although I am not convinced they will give it to us on the first go. Therefore we will set up the second application as our first is on its way back to us, so that if the news is bad, we can BAM! the next application form in. You remember I moaned before about the delay getting appointments? We want a second application appointment made absolutely as soon as possible if necessary – we’ll have to wait 3 weeks just to resubmit the supporting evidence. Anyway, we’ll be ready with a second online application completed but not submitted, so that AS SOON as we know we have been refused, it can go off and we can book the appointment.

Anyway enough about that- if you are interested, I’ll be detailing the whole procedure once it is completed. No chicken-counting now; we are not there yet.

What else? Granny and Grandpa are here, and it is lovely; Granny and the girls are smitten with each other. We went to the Lennon wall and walked around in the most bizarrely changeable weather.

I have stopped detailing the girls’ new stuff; it is getting hard to keep up. Also, it is boring to read about the wonderful children of other people. Now they speak to each other- they really are little girls suddenly, playing and squabbling. They are 27 months now- my mum is convinced they are extremely bright and super-articulate, but I have no other English kids of the same age to compare them to  except one and i tho k in truth they just excel in different areas (our friend’s daughter speaks less, is less confident but can use a potty- ours WILL NOT). Our little darlings are wonderful, of course, but they drive us to the edge sometimes. We have very little time to reflect and take any kind of stock.

The girls have slept well this evening, so I have watched Masterchef, posted the lovely pictures of recent days, written this and had two beers! TWO!

Ok – signing off. Good night all xxx

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4 thoughts on “Is it there yet? Is it there yet?

  1. Congrats on the new job! Fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly with the application and that you won’t *have* to do the second one. 🙂 I’m sure the girls are right on par; it is hard to compare them to others since kids are so different from each other. Jaxson’s best friend is a month younger than him, super verbal and outgoing, friendly, but a little naughty. Jaxson on the other hand, is starting to show interest in potty training, is quiet in public (but not at home), a little reserved/shy, and extremely well-behaved. Comparing the two of them is apples to oranges! Like you said, they just excel in different areas.

  2. Yay to new jobs and new adventures! Can’t say I blame the girls, how convenient would it be not to have to run to the loo all the time! Miss you guys! #brilliantblogposts. 😉

  3. Wow, I’m going to have to have a read back a few posts and see what you’ve been up to 🙂 I’ve come to the conclusion that all kids do things in a different order just to keep us on our toes! My little girl has just turned three and has just (finally) consented to potty training in the last few weeks. She was incredibly stubborn about it, but we got there in the end 🙂

    1. Thanks for reading! I don’t get the time to post every day but we gave been up to quite a lot. I liked your perspective on being an expat. I am kind of expatted out, but I am sure there will be many things about home that will drive me mad

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