Apple cobbler

Not feeling much better. 

Although I do have to say that the job applications of paid off already and I have an interview this coming week. 

for which I must video myself teaching and have a senior management team observe at the same time.
I also must collate all the material to be handed in at the EEA family permit  appointment. 
It is not really any of that that is so UGH, although I said alreADY that we are just about coping. So imagine my delight on Wednesday when before work, O brought me my phone… While I was in the bath. It took a bath with me. Until yesterday morning it was in the legendary tub of rice 72hours, we left it. It is good as new. But after 24hours of jubilation, O knocked over a cup I had presumed empty, all over our macbook. 
To add to the shock of it, Arty’s mum’s sister has been rushed to hospital with failing kidneys. 
We are due some fantastic news soon, right? 
The macbook (with all our iPhone photos, streamed for 18months) and all my job app material, is at a super-speedy fixer’s shop already. He’s been fixing apple products for 25 years, and is not too expensive. But if it is really a mess inside  he defers to the apple repair place, which costs nearly the same as a new laptop but should return all our files. 

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