Meanwhile in PRAGUE…

…Public transport same-sex-kiss-greetings are all the rage. 

I think a LONG time ago I posted about gay pride here and how awesome it is.  I mIght also have commented on how strange it could be to hear that this little, fairly old-fashioned country was far more supportive of gay rights than famously permissive Thailand (what is worse? Open discrimination, or veiled unspoken condescension and no protection of rights at all?).

I also felt this little post to be relevant because this week a lesbian couple were asked not to kiss (goodbye) on a Dutch railway platform by the train company. 

This evening, I was getting off the bus at the metro station and two cute young guys in bobble hats met each other with an embrace and a kiss on the lips. It was a real feel good thing to see for me. No one looked. No one tutted. 

I really like it here.


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