8 thoughts on “Cosleeping. 

  1. Oh lordy! Fair play to you and ultimate respect. Our baby was evicted from our room three months ago and I haven’t looked back. Mummies need their ‘alone’ time- wink wink. Ps ‘alone’ time is code for sleeping.

    1. We do sleep mostly ok. They might wake up once each, some nights. But last night was terrible. They were overtired and wouldn’t go to sleep – then we had major tantrum… and one of them still bfs.

  2. We co-sleep with our little one as well. Did so basically from LO’s second day of life; despite many objections and odd comments from both sides of our family. Generally, it isn’t any challenge at all (save for the odd times when a nappy explodes… I’m sure you can relate), but I can imagine that it might be more of a challenge with two, especially as they get older and more mobile.

  3. The major challenge now is space. We have a huge apartment here in prague and there is room for a sort of superbed. However if we are relocating things will be very different – how will we arrange (or even accommodate) the necessary superbed?

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