returning, rashes, rages, renaming


This is a word haunting me lately – it might actually be happening. What on Earth will it be like?? I can’t remember how to be a Brit. At least AW and I will need to learn together. Anyway, it is all still up in the air so I won’t write about it now. Another surprise return is of one of my wraps: i posted it just after christmas to a new owner, and it never arrived. Obviously I had to refund the buyer and was half-heartedly looking into getting compensation from the postal service. But on Friday after 3 months, it turned up again at my local Prague post office. So there’s a turn-up! Something which is making a debut appearance and I hope will soon begone never to return, is O’s…


Olive has a mystery rash. I started as abdominal spots and they have sort of got smaller, drier and merged together. We have been giving her antihistamine, but the spots seem to be spreadung all over her body. Dr has seen it and said it looks like it could be an allersy, but we can’t think what we have changed. Allergy testing is such a drag. We’d have to strip her diet back to rice, which would not go down well. It might lead us to (additional)….


We are having some trouble with these, I think it is fair to say. We have at least 1 a day. The two of them wind each other up – they compete for everything, especially my attention, which they don’t appreciate sharing with each other. They hit each other (Ivy began this behaviour and Olive got fed up with being the target for flying palms, and fists and has learned this behaviour -although she does not only use it to retaliate, by any means!) . It is becoming really difficult to referree and we wish so much that it would stop: It is exhausting and trying really hard to be fair. They act like movie characters in a horror film plotted to allow for maximum chomping-by-zombies: in the most stupid ways possible. Or maybe a bit like Punch and Judy. 

For example: this morning, O didn’t want to get out of bed. So she screamed at the top of her lungs in the bed for 30 minutes. Nothing works until the rage has subsided, and they definitely exascerbate each others’ tantrums.  This morning, we tried soothing her and it just made no difference – and Ivy, who was having a nice time eating breakfast and having Mummies all to herself, was extremely annoyed at attempts to soothe her sister, as theY interrupted her mummy time. AW has to watch a bit helplessly as they are not interested in competing over her (while I am around) at the moment. We tried bringing O out from breakfast but that also was to no avail, as she wanted to scream ON THE BED, DON’T YOU KNOW! Cuddles; all useless. Anyway after the half hour, there was some sort of gear change, and we knew that she was becoming receptive to soothing. Except Ivy was then furious at O’s reemergence onto the breakfast scene. So the whole thing started again – one content twin eating breakfast, one lying raging on the floor. We were all going out to work or playgroup and not sure we would make it. But we did. And Ivy only screamed twice at leaving me while we were at work…. Anyway I am totally not in a rage about my …


I have taken my partner’s name. I am really happy about it, except that my name is already quite long, with 3 given names and now I also have a double-barrelled surname. There is a funny story attached to the renaming as far as CZ goes (if you have been following a while, you’ll know I had no trouble from the British passport office with this – very very simple (and recommended to pop over if you are abroad and use the premium 4 hour passport service (otherwise you need to be prepared to be without the pp for ‘at least 6 weeks!!’))). Our lovely Visa assistant took my new pasport along with our CP cert to get the name changed on the Czech residency permit. She was met with incredulity and sent off with a flea in her ear. It turns out it is pretty difficult to change names here and certainly can’t be done without  the equivalent of a deed poll. The immigration officials were very confsued about how I could have suddenly taken my (female) partner’s name when we got ‘registered’ in 2012.

I mean HOW? Where is the document?

Visa Vera tried to explain that the UK does not require one for marriages and Civil partnerships. But they didn’t accept it and told here we’d have to find such a document. They did say they would call her back if they heard any different. I discussed this with various people and they all said we should not hold our breath. SO I got in touch with the UK embassy and we were discussing making an appointment the following week (I know – like I don’t have a job to do!) for me to swear an oath that changing my name this way was fine in an attempt to produce ‘the document’. However, to our surprise and delight, Visa Vera had a phone call from the chief immigration officer the very next day.

He said he’d googled it.

So, he’d educated himself on the rules of UK name changes. Via Google. I went along with Vera and we were allowed it after all. So I am now officially, Ms. W-P and no longer Miss P. So there you go.



One thought on “returning, rashes, rages, renaming

  1. Name changes are a pain. Is been over a year and not every place has my name right yet. I didn’t change my name when I could’ve right when we got married because of the weird legal limbo marriage was in federally at that time. We ended up needing to pay for background checks and finger prints and a court date.

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