Poos, sunshine and open windows 

Whilst pondering Very Important Applications, the sun has come out and spring is here. As you know, yesterday was pretty fab, and this morning I am running around sweeping the floor and only shorts and a bra with all the windows are open. This is something that is not happened for a very long time. In fact it’s a hangover from Thailand and we all feel very jolly. Well most of us do. The following conversation recently occurred in our household:

“O, come to Change your bum,”

“No!” (Runs away) “No bathtime!”
“O, do you want to stay at home all day with your big poo? Well that’s okay, but mummy, Ivy and I are going to go out with our clean bottoms.”
Also, Ivy, would not eat any breakfast and rolled around on the floor screaming about it for quite a long time. Then she climbed into the cupboard to snatch snacks out of the going out bag (tried unsuccessfully to attach a picture). The raging tummy bug that has been afflicting us has not entirely departed,but yes we are venturing out into the beautiful Prague sunshine.
You just try and stop us.

3 thoughts on “Poos, sunshine and open windows 

  1. Windows are wide open here after what I hope is the end of a long winter, and no more too come. The other stuff,,,,not sure what to say,,,lol

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