Told my boss.

so there you go. We are planning to leave for the UK in July. 

You’ll hear how it goes. 


3 thoughts on “Told my boss.

  1. Hey, somehow you fell of my reader. Not sure why it keeps happening with different people. Grrrr. Anyways…
    Oh my gawd how exciting/terrifying/stressful! Best of luck! Keep us updated. Was your boss miffed that you were leaving after a year?
    Oh dear girls! I think being overwhelmed is a symptom of parenthood. Lots of blogs I’m reading with kids aged 2+ seem to be written by struggling mummies. I’d make myself mental phrases to deal with negative thoughts, if I were you. Like ‘I’m a great mum. This is just a bump in the road’. Anything to stop negative thoughts in their tracks before they spiral out of control and multiply. No use dwelling on what you could have done differently or what ‘mistakes’ you made. You can’t change anything (lesson learned the hard way through mental health problems).

    Take care- chin up, chuck!
    Love you guys xxx

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