Getting your non-EU spouse into the UK

Ok – so we are not the first to do this in CZ. Glad someone else has detailed the minutiae for me! Although one amendment needs to be made below – Original Poster says if you are coming from abroad with no job you need 18600GBP in savings but in fact it is far more. You need GBP62500 in savings, not GBP18600… it is GBP18600 x 2.5 + a random figure of GBP16000 which the government threw in for good measure!

In addition, things are getting tightened up all the time. I still feel as though I have a noose around my neck and that something could be changed at any moment, leaving us stranded abroad for the second time. However, as she says below, Prague is PRETTY FANTASTIC and it will be a real shame to leave here in many ways.


GreenJoy Travel

I’ve had a lot of people ask me this, so I thought it was about time I just wrote a blog post that I could easily link them to.

For those of you who don’t know, my husband is from the USA. He lives with me in the UK where he is able to work, study, use the NHS, and do all those other things that British people can do. People who have looked at the documentation about spouse visas and felt themselves die inside turn to us, wide-eyed, and ask “How did you do it?”

If you’re a British or other European person who wants to live in the UK with your dirty immigrant spouse, then this is how we did it. 😉

Well, we certainly didn’t go down the Spouse Visa route, I’ll tell you that. The Spouse Visa costs around £890 ($1380) just to apply for it, and…

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