Happy valentines?

Whilst I do want my political beliefs to be evident in my blog if you look for them, I dont’ want them stuck right at the top for very long, so I am moving on swiftly.

As well as being Saint Valentine’s Day, today was the first day of the half term holiday (technically that is actually on Monday, but I don’t know a single teacher who views things that way ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). It used to be a “hooray!” day. Ok, so it still is. I don’t have to set my alarm and I can use my time as I choose. What’s that you say? Ohhhh, yeah. Twins.

In fact, although I didn’t leave the house, today was just EXHAUSTING. (How does Amazing AW deal with them all the time?)

the girls have been going to playgroup and it is really exciting to see them coping with the new environment and with all the other children and strange adults. It is the weirdest feeling, being a parent. I don’t know if you, reader, are also a parent, but aside from the obvious feelings of love, do you experience a wild roller coaster of emotions (partly brought n by the tiredness)? I don’t know if it is that we are attachment parenting, or that it is twins, or both.. or if all new parents feel similarly? Is it just the characters of our girls: super-strong emotional responses?

What do you feel, mamas?



3 thoughts on “Happy valentines?

  1. You know, I don’t have twins But, I do have a daughter. I have a son too but it’s different with a boy, I think. But I have experienced (still experience) a roller coaster ride of emotions with her. Let me tell you what, the first six months, I DID NOT LIKE HER. I ADORED her, and I still adore her, but I did not like her. Sounds terrible, I know but it is what it is. It’s parenting. She cried for everything and anything. I couldn’t put her down at ALL and it wasn’t like there was something wrong with her. I KNOW that with certainty. I guess she just like the drama of it all. All of this to say that I can totally relate with the love, amazement and of course the exhaustion!

    1. Thank you for your thoughts. It is love through and through, but very tough sometime. Up and down! I am just praying that a time of less ‘downs’ is coming before too long. The girls just seem to behave in the most antagonistic ways to each other on purpose.

      1. It does get better. Just hang in there! I’d be happy to share stories and talk. You’re doing a great job. I will pass on the best advice I received when I thought I was doing something wrong with my daughter and her constant tantrum throwing and drama… “it’s not personal” it’s not something you are doing wrong as a parent. It’s them sorting through their emotions..big emotions, little humans. It made me feel a little less bad about my parenting… you’ve got this ๐Ÿ™‚

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