The Sheer Clusterfuck That Is Obtaining A Visa In The Czech Republic

This is something I can identify with – I really love this city in most ways, but its bureaucracy is not one!

Forty Months And A Thousand Spires

I admit that I was completely and dreadfully ignorant when I arrived in Europe, (fresh off the boat, as the saying goes) most notably to the fact that one simply cannot go and live in another country without permission; official and lawful permission that is time-consuming, expensive, and mind-numbingly tedious to obtain. I had heard that a work permit and subsequent visa were what I’d have to get in order to live and work in the Czech Republic and I wasn’t at all concerned, since I had obtained a work permit as a teenager while seeking legal employment in Ohio and it had been a breeze. Truly, if someone had told me before coming to Prague that the prospect of working legally would be nearly impossible and, in the end, wouldn’t happen for me, I would have stayed in Ohio. Nothing could have prepared me for what I was about…

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