Snow, first name terms and falling logs

I made some notes a while ago of interesting developments that I had no time to write about. In no particular order:

Calling us by our first names

The girls have dropped “mummy” when calling us. Not what we intended. :/

Passport / fam permit

We got my passport with my shiny new double-barrelled name! I went to the UK by myself and got in one day. Otherwise, applying from overseas you must wait at least 6 weeks. it was simply way too long. It was both WEIRD and elating to be back in the UK for the first time in more than 3 years (almost 3.5, actually!!). More on that in another post. We finally collect AW’s residency card this Tuesday. I now need to get a new one so that the name matches the new passport! Yawn… Once all those things are organised, we will apply for the EEA family permit so that we can visit in April.


(see previous post! 🙂 )

Poo/ nappies

They are not happy in nappies, and not swotty at training for the potty. We have had several accidents, including some, er, solid ones. Thank goodness the flooring is wooden here! siiiiigh.



10 thoughts on “Snow, first name terms and falling logs

      1. teehee. i haven’t caught poo yet but I did catch a big ol pile of puke with my hand to save the sofa the other day #thejoysofmotherhood

      2. when Squirt dropped his chewy toy in a particularly mushy dirty nappy a few days ago it was apparently my job to clean said toy. WW was a little horrified that I washed it, returned it to him and it promptly got shoved straight back in his pie hole

      3. oh yes, we have had that one too. No one warns you about infant/before solids poo vs bathwater. I feel thoroughly unprepared for how gross parenting can be.

    1. Haha- thanks! The potty thing will get better, I’m sure. We are trying our best to be led by their development and it is frustrating, but when we are out and about it isn’t an issue- just at home they seem to love frolicking without any underwear. I hope it is not a habit they share too freely as they grow up! 😉

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