Verrrrrrry tough times.

last week I cried at work.

I think it is too much – you know what the underlying problem is? It’s our immigration connundrum . That’s what it is. I just told my work I am staying next year. We plan to. However, with the UK general election coming up really soon, I am well aware that staying here another year could mean the difference between making a new start in the UK and being stuck in Europe. At least if feels that way.

Work pressures all mounted up and just felt insurmountable last week – but i could have coped if my stress levels were not chronically elevated.

All the sads.


2 thoughts on “ugh

  1. Thanks, B. They already seem a little less black. I got the big work deadling done and work were really nice about it, giving me a little extra time. Life is just tough sometimes. Suck it up, I suppose!

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