bad and good – loss and windfall

We made a really nice friend – we had our first playdates with her and her two kids recently. But they made a snap decision to leave Prague this week after their four-year-old daughter’s loneliness got the better of them; English-language pre-schools are obscenely expensive, and so she hadn’t made any frinds of her own, and much as our girls were fun, they were too young. It was such sad news – the reason they were leaving; the nipping-in-the-bud of what we had all felt and hoped would grow into a close friendship; the suddenness of it (we’d had a playdate arranged for today yet they left on Friday); the poignancy of having to admit defeat and knowing it’s time…

AW doesn’t take to new friends so easily so this was a blow for us.

The only good thing to come of it, was that with the decision to leave and the flight departure being only 3 days from the decision and date of booking (!!! I know – doesn’t that give you some idea of how unhappy they must have been?), they needed to offload a shedload of toys. We got it all. It was perfect as we had realised our girls’ were in need of a massive step up in toys (both in quantity and in developmental level), but were not flush enough for a mega IKEA blitz and preferred to buy second hand… I really prefer to buy everything second hand, but searching and buying can be far more time-consuming that way and so we kind of left it in a bit of a fuddle. We sort of thought we would go to IKEA if nothing came up. And kept on not going.

Now the place is full of tents, farm animals, cuddly toys, keyboards and cars. We have a blackboard too! So kind and generous.

I don’t know if the future will take us to the states for any reason, but I really hope we get to see them again. They are such nice people, J and her husband R. We think of them all the time as the girls play.


Lots is happening in the coming days / weeks/ months:

1) Tomorrow the girls come to my school with me for toddler morning. If it’s ok, then they will do so every week.

2) I start my driving lessons.

3) I see the physio about my painful coccyx (Go away!).

4) I meet with my work about next year (gulp – I want to stay very much but I have no idea what the government are going to vomit out next about our EU membership – It is such a tension).

5) AW has probably got a job (contingent on its premises being decided upon….)

6) I am going over to the UK to get a one-day passport rather than face the stress of having it out of my hands for more than 6 weeks.

7) I am changing my name on this passport!! I’ll have a double-barrelled name!

8) AW’s residency card is ready for pick-up (wooooHOOOOOO!)

9) We are going to the UK in the easter break and so we will apply for the stinky Family Permit (a(n illegal) visa by another name (where none is required)


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