Tough couple of days

Yesterday: hospital for a routine check up. Only the journey was reeeeeaaaally long and the hospital so big that we got fantastically mixed up.

There could not be a greater contrast between service in Thailand and service in Prague. The clerks here look so sullen. But in may ways I prefer it to the infamous Thai smiles which hide so many meanings.

When they could not find our booking, it was suggested that perhaps we should be at the hospital next door.

Yep, we were faffing about, making the clerk phone through all the departments, controlling the Toddles, in Czech, IN THE WRONG HOSPITAL.

How did that happen?

Nothing else went wrong with that day really -we made the appointment and in fact the news was great- but it was EXHAUSTING. Ivy did climb into the bath in all her clothes as well.


Today started with my assistant calling in sick; contained the strain of a visitor present (and essentially uninvited/ agreed upon) in my class all day; a presentation by me to the whole staff, and ended with me in a bath with my girls, with loads of toys hiding the giant turd bobbing about with us.

What I want to say is that (before I wrote reports till 11.30pm), I took a bath with a big poo. A poo.

Feeling really stressed about all the stuff bearing down related to our immigration problems, but I’m pretty down after those two days so perhaps that’s why the shadow looms larger than usual. I won’t write about it now.



5 thoughts on “Tough couple of days

  1. Full on couple of days. That bath will be truly memorable though. Im kinda glad dor your girls that there are two of them so they can always blame the other for it. Would’ve sucked to be the siblibg that got teased for the rest of their life for pooing in the bath with mum. Now it will be a joke bwtween them forever!

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